Windows 10 1903 to 1909 update

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[Windows 10 1903 to 1909 update

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I have a workstation running Windows 10 I would like to update it to I know is available now. I don’t want to go to that feature release yet. Is there a way to update to ? From what I have seen so far you should be able to do standard windows 10 updates to If you use the windows updates in windows 10 it should pull those in as standard. I’ve updated a couple of laptops this way to test out the new version. This might be different if you are deploying your updates in another way.

Zebra Computers is an IT service provider. If you use the prior version Media Creation Tool, it will download at least that is what I see from here. We have the installers on USB. But bottom line if you can find the installation sources for , with the same X86 or X64 architecture, the setup will do an upgrade. If you are running a Windows update server WSUS you can decide which updates are released to the computers on your network and control them.

Windows And are using same logic for upgrades so you do not need to run over the entire setup to upgrade your PC from to Instead download windows enablement package which is just few MB from Microsoft catalog site. Post reboot your version will be changed to and receive updates for from that point. We have upgraded our workstations with this package with minimal time with no extra efforts. This tool will give you two options you can download the latest version of Windows 10 as a.

To get started, Download Windows 10 Media Creation tool. Opens a new window Opens a new window. Opens a new window. Then you must do it manually or script it. As time moves forward, you’re allowing a larger attack surface as security issues found are not being patched for Server Of course it’s recommended to update to a later OS. I know it’s end-of-life. Until I can do this, I’m looking for a way to install It’s not always easy to just upgrade everything.

We have to spend money, we have to rebuild the whole server. The best option download enablement package for and install it through script on remote clients. And you are done. Most of my PCs are running I set a day delay for feature updates, and Windows Update is now forcing on my PCs. That’s fine; we’ve vetted it enough. No mention of so we’re good. Try using the Internet archive to access the Windows Update Assistant page from before the latest update was released say February this year and download the older updater:.

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When I use the Windows media creation tool, I get to the part where I would normally choose the drive I want to install Windows on, but no drives appear. Does anyone know why Your daily dose of tech news, in brief. Welcome to the Snap! You need to hear this. Okta’s source code stolen after GitHub repositories hacked This is outside the obvious as monitoring the needed services of your in-house app to run.

For example, wouldn’t be nice if you could rep I am currently running multiple HP Ezl Switches they are about 14 years old. What are some best practices as when to replace these? Online Events. Login Join. Windows Spice 9 Reply RodG This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional.

Contest ends Contests Complete the steps in order to get the chance to win. Contest Details View all contests. Marvinthedepressedrobot This person is a verified professional. ZebraMike This person is a verified professional. Problem is that if you use the current Windows Media Creation tool, it will be Spice 1 flag Report. Itchy and Scratchy. OverDrive This person is a verified professional.

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